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The Pennisetum villosum, also called the swabs Grass is a perennial grass of small development but more graceful and well suited to mild climates and relatively dry summers. It has a very supple habit and seems to bend in summer under the weight of its countless downy, feathery, almost pure white spikes, similar to small rabbit tails. This pretty grass, much appreciated in dry clumps, is sometimes cultivated as an annual because it does not withstand wet and cold winters, especially in compact and clayey or waterlogged soils. This small tufted grass, non-invasive by its roots, forms a tuft with a flared port, very supple and very dense of fine dark green leaves which will occupy about 60-70cm height in flower when ripe (40cm for the foliage), for 50cm of diameter. The foliage, most often deciduous, is composed of multiple leaves 15cm in length, very thin, linear.

Pennisetum Villosum

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