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Echeveria 'Metallica' is a succulent plant with golden, thick and stiff leaves that creates a lot of ramifications. It forms a small shrub and can be used in rockery.
The leaves are golden-bronze in summer, take on pink tints in winter; they are about ten centimeters long, thick and very rigid. The rosette (20 cm and more) is very tight
The rod of medium diameter and rigid, creates some shoots, about 20 cm high. She creates thick branches with a new rosette, which in turn branch out.
The flower, light pink variegated with white with an orange interior on a stem of 40 cm.
Growth: fast in spring, summer, fall
The plant can be grown in a pot or rock garden.
Exposure: full sun (preferable), half sun
Resistance to cold: -6 ° C without protection; lower with a veil.
Heat resistance: Very good

Echeveria Metallica

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